Terry Fox's legacy was honoured by thousands of Canadians who ran for his cause including those close to home helping to raise money for cancer research.

Many runners came as part of a team, like those who came out for Tecumseh native Kevin Siddal.

Siddal’s aunt, Kathy Siddal says her nephew is undergoing treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. “He’s an athlete, plays hockey, baseball. His father's actually played in the professional league with the Detroit Tigers. So, it was quite a shock that he was diagnosed so quickly. and he's not doing well right now. He's had his first round of chemo and he's got to have his second one.”

As was the case during Terry Fox's Marathon of hope in the early 1980's.

David Dauphinee attended Tecumseh’s terry fox.

As a member of the R.C.M.P. in 1980, he escorted Fox around Newfoundland, before the Marathon of Hope became national news, and Terry Fox continues to impact Dauhphinee. “Just an incredible feeling to meet somebody that was so determined. I went through a bout of cancer three years ago, and I'm a survivor."

In recent weeks there had been reports that certain locations across the country could not hold a run because of a lack of volunteers.

However, that was not a problem locally where volunteers and donations continue to pour in according to London organizer Pete Ferguson. "It was Terry Fox's dream to raise a dollar from every Canadian, and of course that's been surpassed big time.”

The Terry Fox Foundation over the last 33 years has raise over $600 million for cancer research and treatment.