The Ten Friends Diner in Windsor has outgrown its current location, and is on the move to Wyandotte Street East.

The diner had been located at the Canadian Mental Health Association building on Windsor Ave. for the past five years, but due to the need for expansion, the Diner was asked to relocate by mid-July.

Now it will be located in the former Marija’s Place at Wyandotte and Moy Ave.

Peer support counsellor Erin Lucas admits the change has been difficult for their clients, who are mental health survivors.

“Everyone knew we faced financial challenges as we now had to pay rent and utilities for a new restaurant,” says Lucas. “Once we found a new location that everyone agreed was greet, anxiety turned into excitement.”

The Ten Friends Diner, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, helps people struggling with mental health illness feel empowered and motivated by giving them employment and career training.

“I mean it gives us a meaning, it gives us substance in our life,” says Grant Zurba, who is heavily involved in the program. “It empowers us to reach our goals, it gives us something more attainable."

“The program gives us the chance to do something bigger than ourselves,” says Vice Chair Giles Fleetwood. “It encourages us to grow as people, and it makes us feel good about ourselves.”
The Diner is expected to open in September.