The town of Tecumseh says it is taking steps to help residents avoid more flooding in their homes.

It was one year ago when more than 1,500 homes flooded after more than 200 millimetres of rain fell on Sept. 28 - 29, 2016.

Another 2,500 homes flooded in east Windsor.

Tecumseh public works director Dan Piesic is now overseeing the first stages of the town’s sewer master plan.

It involves spending $3.6-million to stop the storm water from leaking or flowing into the sanitary system.

But Piesic says the town can’t fix everything, and he advises residents to do their part.

“People should work collaboratively with the town to protect themselves against the catastrophic rainfalls" says Piesic.

Tecumseh is offering to cover 80 per cent of costs for homeowners to install sump pumps and back water valves. About 600 people have already applied for the program.

But Piesic warns installing it isn't enough. He says residents have to maintain their system.