Some Tecumseh residents who live near the Bonduelle food processing plant say they’re having to deal with an unpleasant odour of spoiled vegetables.

Christine Trembley has lived south of the plant for more than 20 year. She says the last two weeks have been some of the worst.

"You feel nauseated. We can't even open our windows. If it's very hot you'll get that odour bad,” she says.

Trembley says the trouble started after the major fire at the plant.

Company officials say the odour is coming from previously frozen vegetables now spoiling in the hot summer sun. Operations Vice President, Robert Anderson asks for patience and for residents to understand the company is moving as quickly as possible.

“We have been working very rapidly and most of the vegetables should be removed by this coming weekend,” Anderson says.

That may not come soon enough according to another resident, who says his good will is running thin.

“I can't even enjoy my backyard because of the overpowering smell. It smells like a dumpster,” says David Fenkanyn.

Bonduelle and Tecumseh Town Hall have received some calls regarding the stench

Meanwhile, Anderson says progress continues as the company just started freezing beans