Talk about a challenge. Tecumseh Fire and Rescue personnel are doing something special this fall.

They're putting on all of their gear, but not to fight a fire.

They are going to take part in the Tecumseh Terry Fox Run, complete with their 45 pound bunker gear and oxygen tanks.

Firefighters Basem Balbaki and Dan Redmond are spearheading their run.

Both say they were inspired by Terry Fox, who ran 42 kilometres on a prosthetic leg for 143 days before cancer forced him to stop.

The two firefighters have participated in numerous competitions, but say this one is unlike any other.

They have also recruited some of their fellow firefighters to act as the host team for this year’s five-kilometre run.

Tecumseh Terry Fox Run Organizer Janet Wright admits she's never seen a team participate like this.

Wright feels people are inspired to take on a challenge because of the perseverance and courage shown by Terry Fox almost 40 years ago.

Up to 20 Tecumseh firefighters have been training once a week for the last six months, including Deputy Fire Chief Chad Mactier.

He tells CTV News he wants to support his colleagues because “it’s not only a great cause for Terry Fox and our community, but the guys are excited about it”

Balbaki and Redmond say their effort pales in comparison to what Terry Fox went through.

But they are inviting the community to walk or run in this year’s event, set for Sunday September 18th at Green Acres Optimist Park. The money raised will support cancer research.