The Tecumseh firefighting combat challenge team is heading to Niagara Falls, New York this weekend to compete in a regional simulation championship.

The team has already qualified for the world challenge later this year in Nevada.

"What used to be a physical testing tool turned into a really big sport that's been going on for 15 years," says Dan Redmond, combat team member.

The Tecumseh squad will be showcasing what they do best.

"Going up stairs and having your full gear on and being on a breathing apparatus and simulating forceful entry and advancing a hose line and dragging out a victim,” says Redmond. “It's all the stuff you run into on the fire ground."

The five-man team makes their fire chief proud. Chief Doug Pitre says they go out in the community and they're good ambassadors for the fire department.

He speaks highly of their volunteer firefighting hours and finding time to win regional championships.

"You sit back and watch them and I always call them machines because you wonder how they can actually do this," says Pitre.

With Cincinnati and Indianapolis behind them, the next stop in Niagara Falls this weekend.

"I don't think I'm going to break any world records but I'm having a blast doing it," says team rookie Jaimie Williams.

All five guys on the firefighting team have young families and full-time jobs making their accomplishments heading into October's world challenge that much more significant.

"It's tough and some of the guys work swing shifts,” says Redmond. “It's more less get out here when you can, but put in the time because it will show on the course if you don't."