The owner of a local cab company who denied a Windsor woman and her family a ride because of her guide dog has issued an apology.

Kamalgit Bhogal, the owner of Tecumseh Cab, reached out to CTV News a day after he refused to talk to our reporters about the incident.

We first shared the story on Thursday about Chris Trudell Conklin and her husband, both whom are blind. They were out with their children on Saturday and tried to catch a cab with Bhogal but they were denied a ride because of Conklin’s guide dog.

Today, Bhogal apologized.

“I’m very sorry” says Bhogal. “I honestly regret it. It’s my fault.”

Bhogal claims he is allergic to dogs and doesn’t pick up anyone with an animal.

Bhogal adds there was a language barrier, and he wasn't aware that Conklin was blind and that her dog was a guide dog.

“We have to respect the blind people.It’s my fault. I'm very sorry. I will apologize personally to them also” says Bhogal.

CTV News also spoke with Conklin today. At this point, she is not willing to accept an apology.

Conklin says she's been denied cab rides in the past, but this is the first time it has happened in front of her children, who are not blind, and she's upset they had to witness the incident.

She still plans to file a human rights complaint.

Conklin adds this is not about getting attention. She wants to raise awareness and stand up for other visually impaired people who continue to be discriminated against.