The proposed City of Windsor budget for 2018 includes a 2.6 per cent increase to taxes.

But Mayor Drew Dilkens is confident council will be able to get that number down below two per cent.

Dilkens tells CTV Windsor he prefers something closer to a 1.5 per cent increase that ratepayers had in 2017.

The city is proposing a capital budget of $111-million with a draft operating budget of about $800-million for 2018.

The mayor admits they have received a significant increase in requests from all agencies , boards and committees

One of the biggest jumps next year is a 20 per cent increase to the budget for Essex-Windsor EMS, which was recently approved by Essex County Council. The city must now pay its share.

Dilkens adds the increase to minimum wage will also add an extra $1-million to the budget.

The budget also includes $152-million in sewer upgrades next year, plus $2-million to fix Banwell Road and another $2-million for improvements to the intersection of Northwood and Dominion.

The 1.5 per cent tax hike in 2017 was the first increase in eight years for Windsor ratepayers.

City council will begin budget deliberations on Jan. 15.

The full budget document is posted on the city's website.