Windsor shoppers could get into the Target Canada store earlier than expected.

The sign on the door says it will open at Devonshire Mall in April, but it could be as early as mid-March.

“I think the soft opening is targeted for around March 13,” says Chris Savard, Devonshire Mall general manager. “But Target themselves will confirm that date, once we get closer."

Savard says construction is now complete and inside staff members are merchandising the store.

“Windsor is one of the first 24 stores that will be open in Canada,” says Savard. “I think there's three or four phases so we're very fortunate in Windsor to be in the first phase."

He expects it will give Canadians added incentive to shop at home.

But St. Clair College professor of international business Floyd Simkins says it may be difficult to impress Windsor shoppers.

“We can readily compare pricing and Target has admitted their pricing will be slightly higher here, how high we don't know."

He expects the introduction of the major American chain in Canada will create more competition among Canadian retailers.

“It's going to have a huge impact on the industry because they're really going to have to sharpen their pricing," says Simpkins.

Target Canada has announced limited collections that will soon be available to Canadian shoppers. Some of them include Hollywood stylist Kate Young, interior designer Nate Berkus and a special limited collaboration with Roots.