WINDSOR, ONT. -- Windsor International Airport is hoping for take-off sooner rather than later.

Airport officials provided an update Tuesday afternoon, as to when they hope to resume operations.

There are currently no flights out of Windsor, but two airlines are expected to make returns later this summer - Porter in July and Air Canada in September.

Upon reopening, the airport will have PPE readily available, including masks and sanitizer.

Airport officials are confident the sector will rebound because it’s a smaller airport, which means less interaction, and could result in higher convenience.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the airport has seen some additional revenue.

“The bulk of the revenue that the airport generates is either directly airside revenue in terms of landing fees and passenger facility fees or revenue that’s directly related to parking fees, concession fees,” says CEO Mark Galvin.

There were 35 of 46 workers laid off and they will return as needed.

The city will also take a financial hit.

Mayor Drew Dilkens says the city has received a million dollars dividend annually since 2015, which is expected change.