An Amherstburg mayoral candidate is campaigning on the issue of policing in the community.

Glen Swinton.told AM800 News that he had been considering running for quite some time but what is happening with police services was the impetus to run.

"The policing issue is certainly struck a bone and it's pushed me in the direction that brought me here, the whole way it was handled," says Swinton.

Windsor has been given approval to provide policing services to Amherstburg from the Ontario Civilian Police Commission.  

It is an issue that has divided the community.

"The Town of Amherstburg is a corporation, it's a business," says Swinton. 

"It's in the business of collecting taxes and providing services and if you don't have that mind set, it makes it very difficult to focus on doing that job properly.  So I'm kind of hoping by being the mayor, being the head of council we can re-direct from being more of a fashion model or a photo op to let's focus on the business and move this town forward."      

He has run in two previous elections for a council seat, but was not voted in.

Swinton will run against current mayor Aldo DiCarlo.