The annual “Sunshine List” is out, showing public sector employees who earn an annual salary of at least $100,000 in 2018.

The CEO of Windsor Regional Hospital topped the list for Windsor-Essex. David Musyj made nearly $436,000 last year.

Public sector salaries of $100,000 and more are published in accordance with the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act (PSSDA).

The CEO of Ontario Power Generation, Jeff Lyash, was the highest paid public sector employee in Ontario last year, making more than $1.7 million.

The list grew by over 19,000 employees in 2018, with the government attributing most of that increase to more employees from broader public sector agencies landing on the list.

Over 151,000 people are on the latest list, up from over 131,000 workers on the list the previous year.

Here are the 5 highest earners in Windsor-Essex from 2018:

  1. David Musyj, president and CEO of Windsor Regional Hospital, made $435,753.
  2. Alan Wildeman, former president of the University of Windsor, made $366,375.
  3. Janice Kaffer, president and CEO of Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, made $314,229.
  4. Patti France, president of St. Clair College, made $300,160.
  5. Judge Micheline Rawlins made $297,337.


318 employees from Windsor Regional Hospital earned more than $100,000 last year. President and CEO David Musyj topped the list at $435,753.

At Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare, 52 staff made the list. The highest at HDGH is president and CEO Janice Kaffer at over $314,229 and VP Bill Marra is at $176,657.

There were 92 staff from the Chatham Kent Health Alliance who made the list. President and CEO Lori Marshall earned over $285,000.

The Erie St. Clair LHIN has 48 people on the list. CEO Ralph Ganter earned $254,471 while former CEO Gary Switzer, who was fired in 2016, still collected $287,670.

The Windsor Essex County Health Unit has 21 staff on the list and Medical Officer of Health Dr. Wajid Ahmed earned $259,174.

There were also seven staff from the Windsor Family Health Team on the list. Family physician, Dr. Rita Jaddou, earned the highest salary at $270,454.


There are 647 staff from the University of Windsor who made the list, and former president Alan Wildeman earned the most at $366,375 while Hoda ElMaraghy, the director of the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Center at the University made $280,399.

St. Clair College has 220 staff on the so-called Sunshine list and President Patti France earned $300,160.

More than 450 employees at the Greater Essex County District School Board are on the list. The school director of the public board Erin Kelly received about $260,000.

At the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board, more than 257 staff made the list with director Terry Lyons making the most at $237,617.


There were 895 employees of the City of Windsor on the so-called Sunshine list. That list includes more than 300 employees of the Windsor Police Service and about 260 employees with Windsor Fire and Rescue. The highest earner in the city was police chief Al Frederick at $279,381 and CAO Onorio Colucci was second at $278,173.

Both Carolyn Brown, who oversees the airport, transit and the Windsor half of the tunnel, along with Windsor's license commissioner and city clerk Valerie Critchley made more than $200,000.

42 employees from the County of Essex were on the list. CAO Robert Maisonville was the top earner in 2018 at $192,905.

The Town of LaSalle has 60 employees on the list and the top earner was Joe Milicia at $182,099.

39 employees from the Town of Amherstburg made the list and the top earner was CAO John Miceli at $209,320 while police chief Tim Berthiaume earned $181,461.

The Town of Tecumseh has 16 employees on the list and the top earner was CAO Tony Haddad at $211,681.

13 employees from Leamington were on the list and CAO Peter Neufeld was the top earner $185,786.

The Town of Essex also had 13 employees on the list and CAO Donna Hunter made the most at $175,263.

Lakeshore had 10 employees on the list and former CAO Tom Touralias, who was dismissed earlier this year, earned $171,883.

Chatham-Kent has 249 employees on the list, including 124 members of the police service. CAO Don Shropshire earned the most at $241,041 while police chief Gary Conn took home $219,264.


ENWIN President and CEO Helga Reidel earned nearly $280,000 in 2018.

The Windsor-Essex Children's Aid Society had 23 employees on the list, and COO Therese Johnson was the top earner at $166,127.

The list also included two names from the Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation. CEO Stephen MacKenzie took home $201,837 while COO Rakesh Naidu earned $132,745.

The four members of parliament in the region all made the list.

Windsor Tecumseh New Democrat MPP Percy Hatfield took home $136,123 in 2018 while Windsor West NDP member Lisa Gretzky earned $123,748 and Essex New Democrat MPP Taras Natyshak made $121,833.

Chatham-Kent-Leamington PC MPP Rick Nicholls earned $129,891 in 2018.

Premier Doug Ford made $112,770.47 while his chief of staff, Dean French, earned more than his boss, making $153,155.

Former Liberal premier Kathleen Wynne made $162,248 while her former chief of staff Andrew Bevan was paid $552,667. Bevan’s salary in 2017 was $313,921.