The annual sunshine list was released Friday morning, featuring 111,438 public sector workers in Ontario who were paid over $100,000 in 2014.

On the Windsor Regional Hospital list, 184 employees earned $100,000 or more in salary and taxable benefits. Of those, 116 were represented by unions and 68 were not represented by unions. Hospital CEO David Musyj topped the list at $447,703.

At Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, CEO Ken Deane earned $348,567.

The City of Windsor had 568 people on the sunshine list. CAO Helga Reidel was the top earner at $256,832. There were 235 Windsor firefighters on the list and 236 from the police force.

From the University of Windsor, president Alan Wildeman made $317,000.

Across the province, the sunshine list includes nurses, teachers, police and firefighters, in addition to civil servants. It increased by more than 13,600 workers over 2013.

Ontario Power Generation CEO Tom Mitchell was the top earner again last year, with $1.55 million in salary and benefits, followed closely by former OPG vice-president Donn Hanbidge at $1.2 million, which included severance.

About 12,500 employees from OPG and Hydro One made the list, up nearly 1,000 over 2013, when the auditor general warned those salaries were driving up electricity rates.

Amit Chakma, president and vice-chancellor at the University of Western Ontario, was third at $967,000, which was double his normal salary because he worked through a scheduled one-year leave.

University of Toronto CEO William Moriarty was fourth on the list at $939,000.

The government said most of the growth, 38 per cent, or 5,114 individuals, came from police and firefighters.

There have been calls to raise the $100,000 threshold, which was first set when the list was created in 1996, but the Opposition said now is not the time.

If indexed to inflation, the income threshold for the sunshine list would be about $145,000.

With files from The Canadian Press.