WINDSOR, ONT. -- Environment Canada forecasts sunny skies Tuesday morning followed by increasing cloudiness in the afternoon. High of 19 C. Low of 10 C.

Cloudy Wednesday. Winds gusting upwards of 50 km/h. High of 22 C. Low of 16.

A mix of sun and cloud Thursday. High of 29 C. Low of 20 C.

A 60 per cent chance of showers on Friday and Saturday. Highs reaching 28 C. Lows dropping to 19 C.

A mix of sun and cloud Sunday with a 60 percent chance of showers Sunday, High of 28 C. Low of 18 C.

A mix of sun and cloud Monday. High of 28 C.

The average High for this time of year is 26 C while the average low is 16 C.