WINDSOR, ONT. -- Sunday (March 21) is International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, highlighting their theme, 'youth standing up against racism'.

It is observed annually to remember the day that police in Sharpeville, South Africa opened fire and killed 69 people peacefully protesting against apartheid 'pass laws' in 1960.

The apartheid system in South Africa has since been dismantled, and according to the United Nations website, "Racist laws and practices have been abolished in many countries, and we have built an international framework for fighting racism, guided by the International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination."

Using the hashtag, #FightRacism, the public can engage in conversation highlighting racial prejudices and intolerant attitudes.

The United Nations website states, "Young people massively showed their support at the 2020 Black Lives Matter marches, which drew millions of demonstrators worldwide. On the streets, groundswells of youth - mostly teens and twenty-somethings - came together to protest against racial injustice. On social media, they mobilized participation, calling on their peers to speak out, and to stand up for the equal rights of all."

Windsor police tweeted Sunday, "…We are committed to supporting the fight against systemic racism. Each on of us is responsible for putting an end to racism and working together to build inclusive, more equitable communities."

London police acknowledged the day with their tweet, "Stand with us to help build a society free from discrimination of all forms, so we can build each other up. Deeds Not Words."