Close to one thousand people gathered on the riverfront to watch the solar eclipse.

The University of Windsor held a viewing party Monday, just east of the Ambassador Bridge.

Members of the U of W Physics and Environmental Studies Department and members of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada invited the public to watch the solar eclipse with them.

Mark Lubrick held a talk on solar eclipses and Janet Hart showed people how to make a pinhole camera.

Many people wore special glasses to watch the partial eclipse, while others used cereal boxes and milk cartons to view the astronomical phenomenom.

According to faculty members at the University, Windsor was the third best place in Canada to view the parial eclipse, which reached about 80 per cent coverage.

Dr. Steve Rehse, an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics at the University, was thrilled to see so many people at the riverfront. He hopes it will lead to a greater interest in science.

"How many young scientists might there be walking around right now because of this one event?" says Rehse.

Total Eclipse of the Park (Homestead) also took place in Harrow. The Essex Region Conservation Authority hosted the event at the homestead. It was sold out.