WINDSOR, ONT. -- Environment Canada is predicting summer-like temperatures for the remainder of the week.

Sunshine Tuesday. High of 26 C. A High of 21 C near Lake Erie. In the evening, dropping to a Low of 12 C.

Sunny skies continue Wednesday. High of 28 V. Low of 17 V.

Cloudy on Thursday. High of 30 C. Low of 18 C.

A mix of sun and cloud Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday. High of 32 C. Low of 18 C.

Saturday. High of 31 C. Low of 18 C.

Sunday. High of 31 C. Low of 17 C.

Transition over to cloudy skies Monday with a 60 per cent chance of showers. High of 27 C.

The normal High for this time of year is 21 C while the normal Low is 10 C.