WINDSOR, ONT. -- “At the University of Windsor, it is not safe for black students,” Josh Lamers says, a fear he has felt since he started law school two years ago.

“Week one I had a white woman law student say the n-word, over my first year of law school, I had an indigenous professor say the n-word in another section,” Lamers said.

Now in his second year of law school, Lamers says he isn’t surprised but is disgusted by new allegations of anti-black racism that have surfaced.

A private chat thread by members of the Delta Chi fraternity in Windsor has been posted to Twitter.

“Delta Chi members were talking about going out and hunting black people,” Lamers told CTV News.

The chats are from 2019, CTV News has been unable to verify the authenticity, but the University of Windsor confirms they are investigating.

They were posted under an account called “@UWindsor2020.”

In an email, the person responsible for the Twitter account tells CTV News they don’t feel safe talking to the media.

University President Robert Gordon was not available for an interview Friday but in a statement issued Thursday said the messages shared in the note are “disturbing, unacceptable and entirely incongruent with the values of our school.”

Gordon also stated the fraternity doesn’t have a formal relationship with the university and believes it is up to Delta Chi’s leadership to handle the matter.

The university has suspended the fraternity from using any on-campus spaces and Windsor police say they are also investigating the situation.

In an updated statement on Friday, Gordon said the university has confirmed the status of the students and has retained legal experts to begin an investigation to start Monday. The group has experience in the law and investigating discrimination and equity-related issues.

Lamers says he wants to see the university president resign and the fraternity closed.

“At the very least we should know if these students are at least suspended,” he said. “Show black and indigenous radicalized students staff and faculty that you actually care about us.”

The International arm of Delta Chi announced Friday they are taking over the Windsor chapter.

A statement to CTV News said they have "suspended membership of all undergraduates and ceased operations indefinitely pending the outcome of the commission hearing."

The fraternity headquarters says it will be seeking the “maximum penalty, permanent expulsion of members” for conduct unbecoming and violations of Delta Chi Law Delta Chi Basic Expectations.