LaSalle isn’t quite as safe as thought earlier this week.

A mistake by Statistics Canada ranked the Town of LaSalle as the safest in the country with the lowest crime rate in Canada.

A review by the LaSalle Police Service showed the published data wasn’t in line with the 2018 data the police service had supplied.

LaSalle police notified Statistics Canada of the discrepancy and the national statistics service acknowledged the error.

The corrected data shows LaSalle did see a decrease in the number of criminal incidents in 2018, ranking as the ninth lowest of 231 communities on the Overall Crime Severity Index.

The police service highlights the improvement seen in 2018 compared to its place as 10th lowest on the OCSI in 2017.

The same report from Statistics Canada showed Windsor’s crime severity jumped 21 per cent in 2018, recording both increases in violent and non-violent crimes.

LaSalle police encourage anyone with inquiries concerning the report or the Uniform Crime Reporting Survey to call the Canadian Centre For Justice Statistics at 1-800-387-2231.