WINDSOR -- Windsor police are investigating an assault report, possibly involving weapons, in the downtown area.

Officers were called to the 400 block of Bruce Avenue for a report of a stabbing at 7:23 a.m. on Wednesday.

Police say the residence is being contained as the investigation continues.

During the standoff, the resident inside the home has had several conversations over the phone and from his window.

Neighbours were evacuated and the area was locked down before contact was made.

“I do my Timmy's ritual every morning and I saw the tape, I saw the cop cars,” says neighbour Mike Bloomfield. “I thought it was a homicide at first. Didn't realize it was a standoff. Kind of unsurprising for this area.”

A witness tells CTV News the young victim is a good kid and a regular at the Tim Horton's on the corner of Bruce and University. He allegedly showed up shortly 7 a.m. and his clothes were covered in blood.

A woman showed up on scene frantically looking to confirm if her 21-year old son was the victim. When police confirmed the identity the mother got a ride to the hospital to be with her son.

The man has reportedly been admitted and is in stable condition.

A source tells CTV-News the man suffered lacerations to the body and head but no surgery is required.