There's a concern about the future of a beacon of faith on Erie Street in Windsor.

St. Angela Merici Church and hall faces a debt of more than $1 million.

The church ran a deficit of over $130,000 last year, forcing the diocese to make some changes.

The Diocese of London sent a letter dated June 25 informing the 1,200 parishioners of a combined debt of over $1.3 million.

In the letter, Rev. Ronald Fabbro pointed out the hall, which was rebuilt in 2005, accounted for a debt of $131,000 last year, the largest in the diocese.

"Most of it is from the original construction except for in some of the recent years when there's been some significant operating deficits and they had to be funded by adding on to the debt,” says Dave Savel, a financial administrator for the diocese.

A committee of nine volunteers has been formed to help turn around the fortunes of the hall.

The diocese says the two priests at the parish will now focus solely on functions at the church.

There are no plans for closure of either,” Savel tells CTV Windsor. “The purpose of this is to try and improve the situation and make it better and turn things around.”

The church was built in 1939 and many residents see it is a pillar for the Italian community on Erie Street.