City of Windsor records show the plastics recycling facility that was demolished by a major fire two weeks ago was cited for several fire code violations in 2008.

CTV News obtained a fire safety inspection report of Sprucewood Industries from October 1, 2008.

Most of the Ontario Fire Code violations were listed under the salvage shops and salvage yards. It says “smoking shall be prohibited in salvage yards,” and “fires shall not be permitted in a salvage yard except when used for heating purposes of for operating machinery or welding or cutting equipment.”

Fire extinguishing provisions listed the report say portable extinguishers shall be provided in each building located in the salvage yard.

The report also includes stipulations from the National Fire Code dealing with the outdoor storage of plastics.

The plant at 730 Sprucewood Industries in west Windsor burst into flames on May 21. Large plumes of thick, black smoke could be seen as far away as Leamington.

According to Windsor Fire and Rescue Services, all of the deficiencies were complied with by Feb 11, 2009.

Fire officials determined the blaze caused $1-million in damage. Representatives from the Office of the Ontario Fire Marshal say the full investigation could take up to three months. Materials are being sent for forensic testing.

The blaze started in the yard, at the exterior of the building, according to Jeff Minten, fire investigations supervisor with the Ontario Fire Marshal.