It’s an exciting day for Ste. Anne Parish.

A crowd of about 200 people gathered in Tecumseh to watch the spire being placed back on top of the church early Tuesday morning.

Lesperance Road between Arbour Street and Tecumseh Road East will be closed temporarily this week as crews work on the church.

The spire was removed in 2007 after engineers discovered wood rot in the bell tower below. It has been sitting on the church’s front lawn ever since.

The parish was given a $2.5-million donation from local philanthropist Al Quesnel to help restore the steeple.

Parishioner Ray Robinet, who has attended Ste. Anne's for 70 years, says the donation is an inspiration to the community.

"All of a sudden we get this miracle that this man donates a phenomenal amount of money to the parish. It just inspires everyone" says Robinet.

The community still must raise about $1.7-million to complete other renovations for the church.

Windsor-based company Lester Construction will complete the steeple restoration work.

Ste. Anne’s Parish was established in 1859, while the building was built in 1873. The congregation now includes about 2,900 families.