Some new details have come to light about the Southwest Detention Centre.

During the fourth day of testimony at the Jonathon Dew inquest Thursday, new details were revealed regarding the soon to open Southwest Detention Centre. The super jail will have an infirmary built into the facility that will offer 24 hour nursing.

This means dental, prescriptions and x-rays can all be done on-site. The detention centre will also house a mental health unit. All nurses at the facility will be trained and required to draw blood for lab work. Currently, nurses are trained, but not required to draw blood.

The details come as an inquest evaluates factors surrounding the death of Dew at the Windsor Jail. The court has heard that charts are not handled at the appropriate levels.

The Southwest Detention Centre will have 325 beds and is set to open in the spring.

Southwest Detention Centre will offer 24 hour nursing: court hears