It was a violent Easter weekend in Windsor.

Police are investigating two serious assaults at the beginning and end of the weekend.

Officers were called to the 1400 block of Lillian Avenue near Shepard Street East around 11:35 p.m. Sunday night for a report of a fight.

A neighbour tells CTV News she heard the commotion.

"I could hear screaming, yelling, pleading. ‘Stop, please stop,’” says the woman, who wants to remain anonymous. "The sounds coming out of the garage were pure evil. You could tell something was wrong in there."

She claims to have seen a man come out of the garage and strike a black SUV with a hockey stick.

“Like a bang, bang. You could tell it was glass," she said. “You could tell it was rage."

The woman adds EMS attended the scene, but did not appear to rush anyone to hospital and officers took one man in to custody.

But police have not released details on the extent of the victim's injuries or any arrests.

The incident follows another serious alleged assault in Walkerville.

Police will only confirm that officers responded to a call of a disturbance in the 1200-block of Argyle Road on Thursday, and one person was sent to hospital while another was taken into custody.

The injuries to the victim are not being made public at the moment.

The scene on Argyle Road is the same scene where a six-unit row house building burned down in November 2018.

Julie Mijatovic lives in the neighbourhood and tells CTV news a woman who lost her home in the fire came to get her gardening equipment in her shed discovered a man living there.

"A woman had been discovered in the shed next door," claims Mijatovic.

Mijatovic says officers came her home Thursday night and said an assault took place.

“They discovered this woman who was very badly injured was in ICU,” says Mijatovic. “Hopefully she will recover but we don't know."

The Major Crimes Branch of the Windsor Police Service is investigating both incidents.