A Windsor man remains in hospital, more than a week after being involved in a horrific four-vehicle accident near Windsor Airport.

No one was killed but the mans' son says his father was badly hurt and were it not for good Samaritans the outcome could have been much worse.

CTV News obtained surveillance video that showed the moment the crash took place on County Rd. 42.

Curtis Turner says when he saw the video, it was surprise to him that no one died.

"I could hear my mom screaming (on the phone), frantic and hysterical, and I could hear my dad moaning in the background," says Turner.

Turner says he raced over to the crash site and what he saw was horrific.

"Obviously the four cars involved. I saw my wife was there just before me and she was consoling and helping my mom who was trying to calm her down," says Turner.

Turner's mother managed to escape, however his 68 year old father was trapped inside.

"His legs were caught under the dashboard they had to extricate him," says Turner.

Turner's father has been recovering in the hospital for the past week with major injuries to his shoulder, leg and hand.

Turner says he's most worried about the psychological damage his father has endured.

"The psychological trauma, the reliving it, the waking up, having people around him and being scared not knowing where he is almost worse them the injuries themselves," says Turner.

Turner has been a firefighter for 16 years.

He says scenes like this are common sites when on the job.

What's not so common he adds, is people walking away alive.

"The carnage that day I've never seen it that bad and no fatalities," says Turner.