Windsor Regional Hospital officials say there’s been a dramatic spike at the Emergency Room and they've had to tap into their "overflow beds."

CEO David Musyj says hospitals are running 15 per cent greater than capacity. Occupancy at Met campus is at 113 per cent and 104 per cent at the Ouellette campus.

"Hospitals should not be running at 100 percent, you definitely shouldn't be running at the numbers we're running at" says Musyj.

Four surgeries at Met campus have been cancelled to create capacity at the hospital. Musyj predicts more surgery cancellations.

Officials say it is all because of a tough flu season.

In 17 years Musyj has been at the hospital, he tells CTV Windsor he hasn't seen them go over capacity by 50-plus beds.

Musjy is calling on community partners like Hotel Dieu Grace and long term care facilities to help ease the overcrowding in hospital emergency rooms.

"We need all the facilities to be helping support capacity" says Musyj.

Musyj has also talked to the Ontario Hospital Association about their concerns. The group is advocating on behalf of hospitals for financial support from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.