Many parents and students were upset after teachers at Roseland Public School apparently tricked Grade 8 students into thinking they were going to Disney World in Florida.

Instead they were told the next day it was a big joke, according to the parents and students who contacted CTV News.

"We were all angry,” says Grade 8 student Mona Makai. “At first we were all shocked. We were like, okay, what's happening here?"

The students say the teachers made a fake field trip form and left out Disney brochures.

Then on Friday parents say the teachers gathered the classes into one room and showed an audio/video presentation with Disney images.

"They had slides informing us on how we were going to be roomed together, like four in a room," says Makai.

At the end of the presentation, they told the children they were actually only going to a local bowling alley.

Student Tira Copeland was shocked by the prank.

“I was kind of like are we going to Florida, Orlando and still going to Rose Bowl too? He kind of like described that we're just going to Rose Bowl," says Copeland.

Copeland and Makai say the teachers were laughing at the students' expense. They say one even recorded the prank on video.

“I felt like my privacy was invaded and now we seem foolish to all of the rest of the school," says Makai.

Bonnie Stewart and other parents took to Facebook, wondering if others felt the same disappointment.

“I kind of needed to know if I was the kind of parent that felt this way,” says Stewart. “I needed to know if I was being dramatic and overprotective."

The posting elicited dozens of responses. Three days later Roseland issued an apology.

The students say only one teacher took the blame and apologized.

Warren Kennedy, director of education for the Greater Essex County District School Board , says "It started out as something humourous and it turned into something more. I'm satisfied that the principal has dealt with it at the school, and teachers I know are feeling really badly about it."

He adds that the teachers will not face any punishment.