After a storm ripped through most of the region on Saturday, residents in parts of Leamington are dealing with the aftermath on Sunday.

Flooded properties and debris can be seen through out Cotterie Park.

Andre Boulet witnessed the storm and on Sunday, his front lawn resembled more of a pool.

"I don't mind so much that. It can be on the perimeter I don't mind that at all. But on the other hand I'm safe there's nothing that can replace a human being," he says.

The road in Cotterie Park is now cleaned up and open but many of the lawns in the neighbourhood remain flooded.

Neighbours spent the day cleaning up all the debris that was washed in from Lake Erie.

Some residents found two feet of water in the crawl space of their homes.

About 125 homes were affected by the storm.

The Essex Region Conservation Authority says so far, there hasn't been any reports of significant property damage.

In Chatham, police were dispatched to 13 calls of dangerous conditions thanks to the rain and wind.

Several uprooted trees hitting power lines kept emergency crews busy Saturday evening.

Although, there were no reports of injuries.