Some Freedom Mobile employees are speaking out against their union.

Donny Moody and Marion Kakous tell CTV Windsor they have a petition, asking for the latest offer to be accepted.

Moody and Kakous say they've collected the signatures of 83 employees, that's more than half, who say they want to accept the employer's most recent offer.

According to the union, Freedom Mobile has threatened to lock out employees this Friday if an agreement isn't reached.

The workers are calling on the United Steel Workers Union to listen to the petition and they say they have reached out to the Ontario Labour Board as well.

They claim most of the 147 people working at the Windsor Avenue call centre can't afford to go without work and they fear the company could leave Windsor if an agreement isn't reached.

A spokesperson from the union says they have not seen the petition but they have been making plans to hold meetings with members this week to get their input.

The elected bargaining committee remains firm in its position to reject this package from Freedom Mobile.