Striking CUPE 1393 workers had some extra company on the picket lines on Tuesday.

The picketers received support from a number of professors, who cancelled classes for one day to stand united.

The union and the University of Windsor are back at the table for the first time since the strike began on Sept. 8. Three other union locals inked new agreements with the university during that span.

“It's hurting the students, and we're here for the students," says professor Brian Brown, president of Windsor University Faculty Association.

Under WUFA’s collective agreement, professors can choose to honour the picket line, but must inform and receive approval from the dean of the program.

"We're trying to send a message to administration that we want to end this strike, and if we can end it by giving our support from our membership to this membership," says Brown.

Brown says students at a Canadian university have never lost a semester to strike. He says if negotiations don't pick up, labs will be cancelled and Windsor could be the first.

“Some of these courses are critical to them and if they lose some of these courses, they could lose the semester,” says Brown. “I hope that doesn't happen and I hope the admin will get these students back to work."

Not all teachers chose to cancel classes.

The music and politics class went on as scheduled, but used the ongoing strike as a learning opportunity.

Many students say they're losing patience with the strike, but aren't taking sides.

"I would prefer not to miss my classes, but it's part of a procedure, struggling for fair jobs, fair contracts," says student Nils Schroeder.

Posters have been circulating around campus advertising a massive solidarity rally Wednesday afternoon.

It will start at 4:30 p.m. on Sunset Avenue in front of Chrysler Hall Tower, with members from unions from across the city in attendance.