Some Amherstburg residents spent most of the long Thanksgiving weekend removing wet debris from their basements after some homes experienced flooding.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo says before noon Tuesday, the town had received reports of at least 30 homes which had water, and many of those homes were in the Kingsbridge neighbourhood after a deluge of rain on Saturday evening.

DiCarlo says in many of those cases water was coming up through drains in the basement.

Burk Dahmann, who owns a home on McLellan Avenue, says he had as much eight inches in his basement.

Dahmann says he took it upon himself on the weekend to remove dry wall and pulled up carpeting.

Dahmann says he knows of at least a dozen people who had similar basement flooding on his street.

Some of his neighbors have lived on the street for about 10 years and told him they had never seen anything like it.

Dahmann says he wants answers from the town, and doesn’t want to worry about flooding every time it rains.

Mayor DiCarlo says the town is investigating.

“As I understand it, we're looking at 5.7 inches of rain in six hours and the system is built for about 3.4 inches in six hours so that is a considerable amount of rain,” says DiCarlo. “Beyond that we want know what has caused the problem and each individual case and what we can do about it. Whatever the case may be. we should be able to figure out what it was.”

DiCarlo is also urging residents with flooding to call the Public Works Department at 519-736-3664, so the town can get a better handle on the impact.

The town does have a subsidy program for backflow valves and downspout disconnects.

DiCarlo says they are also working on a schedule for flood debris collection.