With all the garbage pickup options available to people, some still dump their trash where they'd like. Now the city will be keeping a closer eye on it – literally.

Illegal dumping continues to be an issue for some neighbourhoods in Windsor.

“Mostly we're finding it in vacant lots along ditches, industrial areas," says Anne Marie Albidone, manager of environmental services

"At this point council is saying what else can we do?"

But a solution may be in the not too distant future with $50,000 invested in on-site cameras to capture illegal dumping.  

“Right now we're still testing cameras. We haven't selected the one that works best for us yet, but once we do that, we'll start in the areas that we're most familiar with,” Albidone says.

Residents near Assumption and Glengarry say their neighbourhoods are the perfect spot.

Tom Borrel has lived in the area for years. He says on-site cameras would be welcome.

"You can't really go down the alley without running into an old mattress or old furniture that people can't get rid of for pickup and stuff, so they just come out and dump it."

The city hopes to have the cameras in place by the end of the year or early next year.