Plans for a $9-million student residence in downtown Chatham have been unveiled.

Members of the Everlast Group along with municipal officials showed made the announcement on Thursday.

It will be called “La Residence” and it will be located in the former YMCA building on King Street West.

The Principal at Everlast, Victor Boutin, said construction began in November of last year and once completed, the residence will house 200 students.

“As part of our commitment to prove that Chatham-Kent is the right community for investment, we have launched an aggressive build timeline to have La Residence completed by in a little over a year,” said Boutin.

La Residence Project Supervisor Brian Chute said the three-phases to the project should be complete by December 2019.

But there is skepticism in the community because of another Everlast project in Chatham, the downtown “Boardwalk Condominium” project.

That development has been construction for nearly a decade, but the company says it should be complete by July 2019.

“Hopefully this project moves a little quicker than their other project, which I think we're kind of famous for and not in a great way,” said counicllor Michael Bondy. "There's a concern obviously that a company is endeavoring into a new project without finishing one that's kind of in the way."

But Boutin is so confident “The Boardwalk” will be done this year, he is thinking of moving into one.