The sixth and final person charged in a brutal murder in west Windsor, has now been sentenced.

Daniel Shaw received his punishment on Tuesday for his role in the death of Scott Phillips - a crime described as horrific and fueled by the city’s "drug sub-culture."

The Phillips family says their story is a cautionary tale that everyone should pay attention to.

Scott Phillips was kidnapped, tied-up and beaten to death in October 2016. He was 26 years old.

Shaw previously pleaded guilty to forcible confinement.

Shaw's defence lawyer asked for time already served, plus three years probation, arguing Shaw was not involved in the kidnapping or forcible confinement.

Lawyer Aaron Prevost told the judge "he (Phillips) was alive when Mr. Shaw was there and he was alive when Mr. Shaw left."

Shaw did admit to slapping Phillips on the face, to try to revive him, but Crown attorney Walter Costa argued " he (Shaw) is not the modest participant that has been suggested to this court."

Costa says Shaw did nothing to stop the beating and was only upset that Phillips would not be able to repay his drug debt when he was unconscious.

In court Tuesday, Shaw said to Justice Bruce Thomas "I'm sorry about everything that has happened. Given time to reflect, there are things that I could have done. There was a reason why I wasn't called at the beginning, because I wouldn't have agreed with it."

Thomas believes "this is a crime of brutality but it's also a crime of cowardice." Thomas says he doesn't believe any of the players would have acted the same if they were alone.

Thomas adds Shaw didn't call for help and did nothing to stop the beating.

Thomas said the sentence must be proportionate to the crime.

“We have seen each other far too many times in this court,” Thomas said during sentencing.

He sentenced Shaw to five years in prison.

“It’s fair, it’s not enough, and the judge even mentioned he could have got more, but at least he got that and it thought it was fair,” says Brandon Marion, Phillips’ cousin.

Five other people have already been convicted and sentenced for their roles in the brutal crime, for charges of second degree murder and kidnapping, forcible confinement and accessory after the fact.

As Phillips' family tries to put the court proceedings behind them. They tell CTV News, Scott's death is a cautionary tale, to watch your kids and to not make excuses for turning to drugs.

“It doesn't matter where you come from, it doesn't matter who raised you, doesn't matter if you were raised on the streets, or a crack house, everybody’s got a story, fix your own,” says Amanda Marion, Phillips’ cousin.

When given credit for time served, Shaw still has more than two years left behind bars.

Both lawyers declined to comment.