WINDSOR -- The Special Investigations Unit has cleared two Windsor Police officers of any wrong doing in an arrest where a man suffered a broken clavicle.

On December 22, 2018 a 42-year-old man was arrested on the Mental Health Act after his wife expressed concern for his mental state, her safety, and the safety of others.

During the arrest the man suffered a fractured clavicle. The injury was reported to the SIU and an investigation was opened.

The investigation determined that at the time of the arrest officers had reason to believe the suspect may have been armed with knives and a bat based on information provided by his spouse.

When the man was located he was seen heading towards a group of people at a nearby fast-food chain.

An officer apprehended the man bringing him to the ground, at that time he immediately began to complain of shoulder pain.

The SIU report concludes that the use of force was justified based on the information that officers received.

“It is unfortunate that the Complainant suffered a fracture to his clavicle while being apprehended by the police, whether the result of being grounded or handcuffed. However, as the force used by the officers was in my view legally justified, there are no grounds for proceeding with charges in this matter,” writes Joseph Martino, Interim Director of the SIU.