The sister of a murder victim is speaking out after a Windsor man was sentenced to nine years in prison related to the death of Amir Hayat Malik.

A warning this story may be disturbing to some viewers.

Colin Chrisjohn pleaded guilty to manslaughter in August after the 2015 death of Malik. The 32-year-old died as a result of blood loss from severe trauma to his body.

“To stab once and again, again and again, do you know how much strength it takes to do that,” says Malik’s sister Humira Malik. “And now he's remorseful, where the (expletive) was your remorse when you were stabbing him 18 times.”

With time already served, Chrisjohn will spend another 6.5 years in prison.

“This guy has a record of assault, he had four to five assault charges before my brother’s death, and he was wanted on a warrant, my brother didn't have that,” says Humira Malik.

Chrisjohn and Malik were friends and they had been drinking together on the night of the murder.

Chrisjohn didn't call 911 to help Malik, but instead dragged his body to the alley where it was found.

Malik suffered 16 stab wounds, a fractured jaw and 38 blunt force wounds like bruises and cuts to his head, neck and torso.

“There was an argument, a disagreement and my understanding is the other individual did initiate it,” says defence lawyer Laura Joy. “That’s no excuse and it’s certainly not a defence but that got us from second degree murder to a plea on manslaughter.”

The Crown asked for eight to nine years in prison, while the defence asked for four to 10 years.