WINDSOR, ONT. -- The Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority and Bridging North America hosted an online community meeting Wednesday about the Gordie Howe International Bridge project.

Information was shared about the construction of the 5.7 billion dollar project.

Vice President, Heather Grondin noted work will continue to ramp up over the course of this year. "We do anticipate that that 2021-2023 will be the busiest years of construction on the project. With over 70% of the total construction hours on the project to be anticipated to occur during that timeframe."

Residents learned the foundations for the towers are now complete on both the Canadian and US bridge sites.

Officials reported work on the lower tower leg on the Canadian side is now underway and will continue to extend up to the final height of 750 feet.

The meeting also highlighted an aesthetic design selected for the Jefferson barrier wall at the US port of entry.

During the public question and answer period, one question from the public asked about observation areas to watch the progress of the project. Officials reported conversations have started with municipal leaders to have designated areas at Malden Park and also are Belanger Park in River Rouge in the US.

Despite a worldwide pandemic, Grondin said the bridge project is on track to be complete in just over three years and worker safety remains a top priority for WDBA and BNA.

"Bridging North America has done an amazing job since this time last year when the pandemic first hit our region to make sure their workers, their subcontractors, everyone has been kept safe and will continue to do that during the remainder of the pandemic. So ultimately will there be an impact? I don’t know, but what we are all continuing to work toward is for filling that contract date of 2024."