WINDSOR, ONT. -- Inspired by International Women’s Day, two University of Windsor students, Renee Wulterkens and Isabella Arthur started the campaign 'She Support Drive' to help local women in need.

“We are looking for new or used bras, hygiene items and we are looking for menstrual items. Anything you can think of in terms of shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, razors, tampons, pads all of that,” says Wulterkens.

The ‘She Support Drive’ aims to provide help to women who lack access to hygiene necessities.

“We were super surprised when we did reach out to the shelters how much of a need they said they had and some of the items even shocked us,” says Wulterkens.

All donations go to support three local shelters, the Welcome Centre for Women, the Hiatus House and the Downtown Mission.

“They’re three different shelters helping women and their families deal with violence and homelessness and poverty in our community,” says Wulterkens.

“These donation might not seem like a big deal, but they really do make a difference in the lives of our clients,” says Randi-Lyn Miller, Welcome Centre for Women campaign coordinator.

Miller says there is a great need for even basic hygiene products at the shelter.

“That toothbrush and that bottle of shampoo are just two things you don’t have to worry about in a time of great upheaval in your life,” says Miller.

One week into the campaign, ‘She Support Drive’ has already raised 2,000 menstrual items, close to 100 bras and more $2,000.

“This has been great for Isabella and I to get involved and feel like we are making an impact,” says Wulterkens.

“Any small donation counts whether it’s throwing your extra change in a tip jar or clearing out your closet getting rid of items that you don’t use anymore, you can really go and help a woman even if you don’t think it will make an impact it definitely will,” says Arthur.

There are four ways to donate. You can sign up online for a contactless porch pickup or drop off donations in pink bins at various local businesses across Windsor-Essex.

Monetary donations can also be made at over 20 local Shoppers Drug Mart stores and a GoFundMe page has been set up until April 8.

For more information and to donate click here.