The investigation is starting into a 26-hour industrial fire in Kingsville that required the efforts of several departments working together.

Fire Chief Chuck Parsons tells CTV News 50 firefighters were on scene Monday and Tuesday, per shift, to battle the fire.

“The fire started yesterday at 6:20 in the morning and we officially declared it out at 8:31 this morning,” says Parsons.

It was inside Global Pack Packaging Solutions on Road 3 in Kingsville.

An investigator with the Office of the Fire Marshal was on the scene Tuesday trying to determine a cause and damage estimate.

They make plastic trays for the greenhouse industry.

Parsons says while they had to fight the fire outside because it forced the roof to collapse, they were able to save the front section because of the fire wall.

He says none of it would have been possible without activating the county’s mutual aid plan.

“This is probably the first time in anyone’s memory that we've had representation from every fire department in the county and the city here,” says Parsons “And it was fantastic to have them here cause we were able to rotate them through and everyone to be able to work safely.”