A Windsor man is going to remain in jail after being found guilty in a vicious assault more than two years ago.

Kennon Ball was found guilty of aggravated assault and assault with a weapon back in May, in connection with a 2015 beating that left one man with severe fractures to his skull.

In court on Thursday, Ball was sentenced to almost seven years behind bars, as well as a lifetime weapons ban.

Ball is one of two men seen in Windsor police surveillance video leaving the scene of an attack on Seminole Street near Silvers Lounge that sent a man to hospital for emergency brain surgery. The second man still has not been identified.

Matthew Meanney spent 21 days in hospital recovering from his injuries before going through rehab. Meanney claims he still suffers from memory loss and attention deficit disorder from the attack.

In final sentencing submissions last month, the Crown told the court the victim was beaten by a bat and metal pipe, as well as kicked several times and left for dead.

The crown asked for a six to nine year sentence. The defence wanted a two year jail term.

In total, Ball will serve six years and 320 days in jail.

He must submit DNA samples and pay a $200 victim surcharge.

His defence lawyer Dan Scott took over the case after ball was found guilty. Scott tells CTV News Ball plans to appeal the conviction.

"As the court alluded he continues to maintain his innocence,” said Scott. “And while he's lost that presumption of innocence, I think he's still entitled to maintain it.

In his ruling, Justice Thomas Carey said the support Kennon Ball has received from his family and employer worked in his favour.

The maximum penalty for aggravated assault is 14 years.