Victim impact statements have been made in a Windsor court after school-yard assault that left a Herman high school student seriously injured.

The statements were read Wednesday as part of the sentencing submissions for three teens, who either started or participated in an attack on Jayden Trudell.

The three teens have pleaded guilty to the incident that was caught on camera in September 2018.

WARNING: Story contains graphic details.

Trudell, who was 14 at the time of the assault, was leaving Herman high for lunch when he was attacked.

Trudell was punched on the side of the head and tossed to the ground. He laid there, unconscious, when another boy started to kick him. Trudell's cousin, Jaxon, stepped in and he too was assaulted by a third teen.

Trudell suffered a broken skull and a concussion and a brain bleed that has led to short-term memory loss and impaired fine motor skills.

In court Wednesday, members of Jayden's family had a chance to read victim impact statements.

“They started this battle,” says his grandfather Kevin Trudell. “It's nice to be able to look them in the eye and say, like, you know, they had no disregard for Jayden's life at all. They didn't care about Jayden's life or anything about him. They just wanted to get on video and show their buddies how tough they were and look at us."

Jayden's mother Kelley told the court she's worried about the physical harm her son suffered, and adds “I worry about what they did to my son on the inside, his mental and emotional health.

“To be attacked while you are walking down the street. To be able to watch it happen to you on social media. It's despicable," says Kelley Trudell.

The three teens, who CTV News cannot name because they are under the age of 18, have all pleaded guilty to either assault or aggravated assault.

The Crown is looking for a custody and supervision order of five to seven months, plus probation -- for the teen who started the assault. His lawyer, Evan Weber, is seeking a lesser sentence of two to three months in an open custody facility.

The lawyers for the two other defendants will make submissions for their clients next week.

Court was put over to next Wednesday, when Laura Joy and Andrew Telford-Keogh will make submissions on behalf of their clients.