WINDSOR -- A sentencing hearing was held for a man connected to a 2018 death in Windsor.

Last October, 29-year-old Lamar Day pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of a 37-year-old man.

In September 2018, police were called to an apartment building at 395 University Ave. East near McDougall Street and found the victim with obvious signs of trauma.

Two people were arrested at the time.

A court-imposed publication ban prevents us from reporting any details about the crime, because the co-accused, 26-year-old Raheem Washington, is still before the courts, charged with first-degree murder.

During Day's sentencing hearing Monday morning, the Crown asked for a prison term of eight to 10 years, while the defence wants a sentence of less than five years with credit for time already served.

Day rose in court, telling the judge and the victim’s family he was sorry.

A sentence will be handed down on Feb. 6.