A second priest has been removed from duty by the Diocese of London.

Father Maurice Charbonneau is no longer with the ministry after allegations surfaced in October 2017 regarding ‘inappropriate sexual activity.’

No information has been released about the allegations, and whether they involved an adult or youth.

Father Charbonneau, who was ordained in 1994, served at different parishes in the region.

Most recently, since 2014 until he was removed, Charbonneau was at the clustered parishes of St. John the Evangelist in Woodslee and St. Mary in Maidstone.

This is the second pastor to have been dismissed by the Diocese of London in the last five months.

CTV Windsor reported in September that Father Andy Dwyer was removed from the ministry due to historic allegations against him.

In a statement to CTV News at the time, communications officer Nelson Couto said “these allegations are being investigated and relate to actions of many years ago which have now surfaced.”

Father Dwyer, who was ordained in 1979, was active at the St. Vincent de Paul and St. Theresa’s parishes in Windsor.

Bishop Ronald Fabbro said in a statement the Diocese of London has a “zero tolerance” policy with regards to sexual abuse.

It says “After separate investigations and consultations with various groups, including our diocesan Safe Environment Advisory Committee, I determined that Maurice Charbonneau and Andrew Dwyer would not be able to return to ministry at any time. Their faculties have been permanently removed.”

The statement goes on to say “Neither Maurice Charbonneau nor Andrew Dwyer may present themselves as clerics or, in any way, represent the Diocese of London. Anyone who observes that either individual is acting in a manner that is inconsistent with this directive is asked to advise my office immediately.