WINDSOR, ONT. -- The morning commute after the region's first substantial snowfall saw vehicles sliding on the roads and multiple collisions throughout Essex County, police say.

Essex County OPP says officers responded to 24 collisions since Monday at 6 p.m.

Police say most incidents due to winter weather are reports of vehicles sliding into one another, a curb or off the roadway.

Drivers are reminded to reduce speed and increase following distance, which police say would prevent most incidents.

On Monday, a multi vehicle accident on 6th concession and 401 did slow traffic for a short period of time.

As for the city, with the mix of rain and snow difficult driving conditions were expected, but as of 9 p.m. Monday, Windsor Police say there were no major issues to report.

Police say that continued into Tuesday morning with no major road accidents from the first commute after the snowfall.

Officers did respond to a few incidents where vehicles slid into curbs or ditches. Police remind drivers to always adjust to road conditions and that “road safety is a shared responsibility.”

Many drivers made sure to prepare, as retail stores experienced a rush of last minute shoppers Monday, in preparation for the inclement weather ahead.

“Up until now obviously bits and pieces but today customers definitely in for the weather,” says Brian Seguin, seasonal manager at Canadian Tire on Walker Road.

Staff were pumping out certain items just to keep up with demand.

“If you go over to automotive, I’m sure the aisle with windshield scrapers and all that is pretty well diminished and we’ll have to replenish for tomorrow,” Seguin tells CTV Windsor.

Shoppers were also grabbing items such as shovels and salt.

“We’re loading up on sand and salt to help with the ice and getting a shovel to help with the snow, so hopefully we do alright,” Seguin said.