WINDSOR, ONT. -- Students were lined up to get into Kennedy Collegiate Monday morning.

"We just came to check what group we were in because we weren't sure," said Dezirai Lewenza.

"They didn't send nothing for us to come in," added her schoolmate Quiarri Love.

Schedules were expected to be distributed on Sunday but some students were still waiting for an email from the Greater Essex-County District School Board Monday morning.

"A lot of people are locked out of EDSBY," said Quiarri.

The board admits to having struggles with the program.

"Over the past couple of weeks we've been trying to update EDSBY, which is our main communications portal for families and students, with a new information system and it has not gone well" said GECDSB public relations officer Scott Scantlebury.

Erin Roy, Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation District 9 president, believes the board should have delayed the start of the high school year as a result.

"If you have full warning that things arent' going well and you're set to open I do believe the board dropped the ball" said Roy. "What's another day or two to get it right?".

Board officials say they did their best to inform the public through email, social media, phone and their website and their efforts reached most of their school community.

A tweet late Sunday night asking students to check their board-provided email for information from teachers was not well received according to Roy.

"Even if they were to do that they didn't have access to the emails or communication to do that,” she said.

The school board says countless hours have been spent trying to fast track a solution and will continue to post messages across various platforms until EDSBY is back online, “to make sure messages, the up-to-date correct accurate messages are out there for people." said Scantlebury.