The election rhetoric is heating up across Ontario with a special interest group showing its dislike for the premier.

A 16-foot satirical "Kathleen Wynne Moving Truck" is getting lots of attention with its slogan “Helping Businesses and Families Leave Ontario."

It's part of a cross-Ontario tour by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. It stopped in Chatham and Windsor on Thursday before the tour ends at Queen's Park on Monday.

“Satire is a great way of communicating an important message with a smile on your face” says Christine Van Geyn, the Ontario director of the Taxpayers Federation.

She says the campaign is meant to raise awareness about policies they feel are hurting businesses and families, and forcing them out of the province.

The federation’s list includes increases to minimum wage, as well as the cap and trade policy and high electricity bills.

Van Geyn says there are a number of things the provincial government can do to help support local businesses and families.

“Just simply stop signing these contracts that are above-market rates for renewable power” says Van Geyn, who adds they were done without community consultation.

Van Geyn claims it is creating an affordability crisis in Ontario.

In response to the campaign, the Wynne Liberals released a statement saying the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is preaching doom and gloom.

The government went on to say that business is booming locally, pointing to the fact that Windsor's unemployment is the lowest it’s been in years at 5.8 per cent.