Stargazers are continuing to descend to Detroit trying to get a glimpse of a Hollywood A-lister.

Canadian heart-throb Ryan Gosling has been in the Motor City for the past month shooting a movie.

It's also the first time Gosling is making his directorial debut.

The new film is called How to Catch a Monster and Gosling has been shooting scenes throughout Detroit.

“I'm excited to see how he works both in front of the camera and behind," says fan Liliana Barska.

Gawking celebrity stalkers unite.

“We kind of followed where the signs went and knew where they were,” says Barska. “So we've been keeping an eye out for the cars coming in."

The fans are keeping a close eye for actors in the new flick, including Gosling.

“He's beautiful and he's also a fantastic actor,” says Sarah Smarch. “He chooses great scripts and does things that are interesting and thought-provoking."

Black tarps line the parking lot of the Masonic Temple where a main bar scene is being filmed.

Earlier this week, a stretch of midtown Detroit was block off for a scene outside the Burton Theater.

Little did the employees know across the street, co-star Eva Mendes would walk in.

“She had shopped a couple of times in the shop," says Gary Frundel.

Larry D'Mongo is a huge fan of Gosling’s.

“A kindred spirit friendship,” says D’Mongo. “It's like I've been knowing him and he's been knowing me."

The owner of Cafe D’Mongo Speakeasy says the pair bonded when he first visited Cornwall years back. That's where Gosling grew up.

“He assumed I was lying, then I described his whole little town,” says D’Mongo. “I described places that he knew as a kid."

Years of friendship and a recent visit from Gosling has landed D'Mongo a role in the film.

“Very excited, because one, I don't want to let him down," he laughed.

D'Mongo will gain access behind the tarps, but Gosling's fans will have to try to get a glimpse another day.

D'Mongo will be shooting his scene on June 24.

He didn't want to get paid for the role and says he'll be donating the money to St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

How to Catch a Monster will premiere next year.