A roadside memorial for a wild turkey is turning some heads in Chatham-Kent.

For the last several months the turkey, apparently named Steve, often held up traffic at the corner of Prince Albert and Pioneer Line.

Joe and Mary Sevigny, who live nearby, had unofficially been watching over the turkey.

"It was not scared of anybody or anything," says Joe Sevigny.

It's a somber scene on Friday at the corner just outside Chatham, as people learned of Steve’s demise. A memorial with flowers, a candle and a rubber cooked turkey stood alone at the intersection.

"I probably waited for it to move for like five minutes,” says Kelly Zink. “I didn't know his name was Steve though.”

The brave and bold bird seemed unintimidated by moving vehicles or his growing audience.

“If somebody got out of their car to chase it away it would just go around the car,"says Sevigny.

On Thursday morning, Steve was found dead - with no indication as to how he died.

"It kind of makes me a little sad because I saw him every time I drove down this road,” says Zink. “RIP little guy.”

Mary Sevigny says she would often see the bird when she looked out her window and then he started roosting in the tree.

The Sevignys say they don't know who put the memorial up or where the name Steve came from.

"At first it was Bert then it was Gert," says Mary Sevigny.

They also aren't sure how the bird died, so they say they aren't ruling out “fowl” play.