The Solcz Family Foundation has announced it will commit $250,000 to help build the new Miracle Baseball Field in Riverside Miracle Park.

Executive director Kyrsten Solcz issued a statement on behalf of the Solcz Family Foundation, explaining why the foundation considered it so important to support the project.

"Our family was extremely excited to learn that the Riverside Minor Baseball Association was spearheading the development of the accessible Miracle Field," she said. "My grandparents raised their four sons in the Riverside area where they played baseball as part of the RMBA, so this initiative holds a close connection for our family.

The Miracle Field will make it possible for all children in Windsor and Essex County, regardless of their challenges, to play baseball on a specially designed surface.

The Solcz Family Foundation was recently established with a focus on supporting local charities that provide opportunities for children and youth.

“This initiative is a perfect fit for the Solcz Family Foundation, and our family is very pleased to give back to the community that gave them so many unique memories growing up," says Kyrsten Solcz.

Agreeing to help fund the cost of the ball field means the Miracle Park project has reached the $1-million mark, bringing it one step closer to its $2.5-million fundraising goal.

When complete, the park will include a walking path and a prominently relocated cenotaph honouring Riverside war veterans. An inclusive accessible playground and washroom facilities will be built in partnership with the City of Windsor.

Rick Farrow and Bill Kell, who co-chair the Miracle Park Project, welcomed the Solcz Family Foundation donation.

The co-chairs say the commitment “will allow us to fulfill our goal that every child has a place to play. But it's more than that: The Miracle Field will remove barriers and let children experience the joy of playing sport. It will change their lives forever, and for that we express our sincerest appreciation."